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  • HubbyInPanties
    HubbyInPanties added 2 new photos.
    Nothing burns a bare bottom quite like an antique ebony hairbrush.
    • 3 hours ago
    • HubbyInPanties
      cowboy A great line up of premium hairbrushes. If this hubby in panties gets a taste of each of them, he will be quite red and very sore.
      • 2 hours ago
  • Robert
    RobertRachel: Hairbrush is the best
    • 4 hours ago
  • Robert
    Robert Area contact me
    • 4 hours ago
  • Robert
    Robert Would like to start a spanking group in the Boston aj
    • 4 hours ago
  • Rachel
    Rachel Hi Helen, would love to chat. Over the knee hairbrush is the way to spank
    • 7 hours ago
  • Seatscorcher
    SeatscorcherKayla : hi Kayla
    • 7 hours ago
  • Russell
    RussellKayla : Hi, care to chat sometime?
    • 7 hours ago
  • MadamWhiteWolf
    MadamWhiteWolf added 3 new photos.
    My #1 paypig, lil-pigshit always fast to purchase gifts latest being this beautiful red PVC dress and real leather red jacket.
    • 8 hours ago
  • Seatscorcher
    SeatscorcherRachel: Hi Rachel, I'm a spanker also....would love to chat sometime.
    • 8 hours ago
  • spankable.brat
    spankable.brat added 3 new photos.
    Some 'murga' (chicken/hen) Punishment!!
    • 9 hours ago
  • Russell
    Russell I can not rotate my pic to be upright? Help LOL
    • 10 hours ago
  • Harry
    HarryVeronica: Taking turns to do penance
    • 10 hours ago
  • Russell
    Russell has added a new profile photo.
    • 10 hours ago
  • Russell
    RussellMorgan: Congrat's Morgan for coming out.
    • 10 hours ago
  • Dan Old man
    Dan Old man added 28 photo(s) to the album Clothed and Unclothed 2:
    • 10 hours ago
    • Dan Old man
      jelena Johnson photo's are proof that all all women should be naked. But many beautiful women here too. A naked beautiful body is a work of art.
      My favorite are 6, 12, 14, 28, . I think the following were sexier with clothes on 23, 31. and 35 but I thought 26 was...  more
    • Dan Old man
      Jerry Fulton Great album Dan, through the pics you provide, I feel like I'm getting to know these women a little better
    • Dan Old man
      NHSpanker I love both of these albums Dan. They are among my favorite on this site. However, I must say that the two women who posed for "before" pictures in there military uniforms were very foolish. They could be subject to consequences under military rules.
      • November 26, 2018
    • Dan Old man
      framaur Clothes or no clothes the female anatomy is always to be admired,, I say bare is beautiful,, I love bottoms,, the dress of some most female is so revealing it drives into my fantasy world
      • November 27, 2018