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    • NaturalSubmissive
      NaturalSubmissive added 1 photo(s) to the album Profile Photos:
      • 13 minutes ago
    • eYYe
      eYYeNichole: Hi Nichole, thanks for accepting my friend request.
      • 18 minutes ago
    • pernilla
      pernilla I need ideas for my fantasies which mostly includes embarrassment and doen´t have to involve spanking. I love to imagine playing in a team of some sport and causing my team to lose and sufer humiliating consequenses about it, either from my own team or th...  more
      • 1 hour ago
      • pernilla
        NaturalSubmissive have someone draw smiley faces on your bottom cheeks?
      • pernilla
        pernilla maybe but I want more things that isn´t about having to stand still. More like carrying me, making me wear things, stuff like that
        • 20 minutes ago
      • pernilla
        pernilla Maybe if they force me down and pull my pants down and giggles as they draw it. :)