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    • Biker
      Biker added 2 photo(s) to the album After the spanking:
      Christie in tears and pouting after a bare-bottom belt spanking
      After being taken to the woodshed
      • 27 minutes ago
      • Biker
        Jimmy Beth - yes we love giving. But if you didn't love receiving you would follow the rules!
      • Biker
        Dan Old man I doubt she is ever going to follow the rules, Jimmy! LOL
      • Biker
        Alissa Rules are no fun.
      • Biker
        pam Rules are made to be broken as it is no fun being good all the time! After all we always know we won't get caught right Nawtybeth? Alissa?
      • Biker
        Dan Old man @Alissa - Rules aren't meant to be fun, they're for your own good. Besides, if we didn't have rules, you wouldn't have something to break, right? @Pam - I have to agree, I broke plenty of rules growing up, and paid for them just like you did! :) As for...  more
    • Biker
      Biker added 3 photo(s) to the album Just a few favorites:
      A barepbottom belt spanking
      An outdoor witnessed spanking
      Two girls spanked in the kitchen
      • 31 minutes ago
    • Seatscorcher
      Seatscorcheralliemayapple: Hi alliemay...would love to chat here sometime...friend request issued
      • 2 hours ago